Rokurinsha: Tokyo Ramen

As a Japanese ramen enthusiast, I’m excited to share my review of “Rokurinsha,” a popular ramen shop located in Tokyo Station.

Inside Tokyo Station, there’s a section known as “Ramen Street” where several ramen shops are clustered together. Among them, “Rokurinsha” consistently draws long lines of eager diners.

Tsukemen and Soup-wari

Rokurinsha specializes in “Tsukemen“, a dish featuring thick noodles and a separate bowl of seafood-flavored broth. The experience is enhanced by “Soup-wari,” which you can add to the remaining broth after finishing your noodles. This dilutes the soup to a perfect flavor and consistency.

Simply ask the staff for “Soup-wari” once you’re done with the noodles. A delightful hint of yuzu fragrance adds a refreshing twist, allowing you to savor the broth again.

Note that even the regular size serving at this restaurant is quite generous. So, if you’re considering a larger portion, proceed with caution.

If you find yourself at Tokyo Station, don’t miss the chance to try Rokurinsha’s Tsukemen—it’s a truly unique ramen experience.