Yoshimuraya: Kanagawa Ramen

As a Japanese ramen enthusiast, I’m excited to share my review of “Yoshimuraya,” a popular ramen spot in Japan.

The soup at “Yoshimuraya” is a rich blend based on pork bone and chicken broth, with a special soy sauce seasoning. It’s a darker soup that pairs wonderfully with white rice, making it a great choice for those who love a hearty bowl of ramen.

Be prepared for a wait at this extremely popular spot, where queues can range from 1 to 3 hours. It’s considered a leading name in “Iekei Ramen,” a style now found all over Japan.

What is “Iekei Ramen”?

This style features a soy sauce-based soup made from pork bone and chicken broth. It’s served with thick noodles, and the standard toppings include spinach, char siu pork, and seaweed. Many places also add a quail egg.

Though “Iekei” ramen spots are predominantly found in Yokohama (hence the name “Yokohama Iekei Ramen”), “Yoshimuraya” holds the distinction of being the originator of this style.

Interestingly, only chefs who have trained and been certified at “Yoshimuraya” can claim their shops as direct descendants, and these spots are also incredibly popular.

“Iekei Ramen” has a passionate fan base in Japan, with “Yoshimuraya” serving as the patriarch. Should you find yourself in Tokyo or Yokohama, I highly recommend experiencing its flavors for yourself.